Children, Adolescents, & Young Adults

Children, Adolescents, & Young Adults

Life Source Counseling Center believes it takes a village of supportive individuals to raise our youth. Now more than ever, our youth need a support system to cope through the many stressors of everyday life. Our youth are faced with issues from many different areas; school, home, friends, and social media. The stress from these areas can often times leave our youth feeling isolated, depressed, and anxious to name a few. We support our youth and young people in addressing these concerns by helping them to develop skills such as positive self-talk and self-care, identifying patterns of their behavior that may be working against them, and offering a safe space where they feel heard and supported to share and be open about their feelings and emotions.

In addition to the work we do to empower our youth, we also work with the parents/guardians (when appropriate) to assist their young person in successfully achieving positive outcomes to their goals.

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